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Apparently, wealth is a proven determining factor in how long you will live. Per People, a study was done by The Journals of Gerontology to pinpoint when adults started showing signs of age-related disabilities. They conducted a study with over 25,000 participants over the age of 50 and divided them into groups based on wealth. They determined that richer men and women live an average of nine years longer than poor people.

“Researchers found that wealth was the biggest socioeconomic factor in predicting when these challenges presented themselves. People with more money, the study found, were living ‘disability-free’ lives for nearly a decade longer than those with less money.”

The study also found variations based on gender. “Wealthy women in the study were expected to live 33 disability-free years, while poor women could only expect 23 to 24.6 healthy years. As for men, the richer group was expected to live 31 years disability-free, while the less wealthy were expected to live 22 to 23 healthy years.”