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I thought I was just trying to avoid the flu but is seems as though pink eye is coming in full force…

Eye doctors at Newsom Eye told ABC Action News they’ve seen a spike in cases of pink eye. The cases range from daycares, schools, offices and even local college campuses. YUCK!

One of the Newsom Eye doctors, Optometrist, Aimee Grimm blames two possible causes: Holiday travel putting people in close proximity to one another and allergies.

“A lot of times patients will try to put it off where they don’t come in to see their eye doctor and they think it will clear up on its own, but if you have a variant where it produces a membrane, we have to remove it for you to start feeling better or it will continue to linger.”

– Aimee Grimm

It’s so contagious and very annoying. I got it once as a kid and once as an adult and let me tell you it is so uncomfortable. It is spread through someone touching their eye and then touching a surface or from sharing towels, makeup or bed sheets. They recommend washing your hands, using hot water to wash sheets and towels and seeing a doctor at the first signs of pink eye.


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