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Make sure you are buying your CBD products from a good source, as some products contain no CBD at all!

I was reading this story on because I gave my dog Fletch CBD oil when he was sick with liver disease, hoping it would help his pain.  Its hard to know, because they can’t talk and I always wondered if I was getting a good product or if it wasn’t what the package said.

I know a lot of people who use CBD products on their pets and have had great results.  But I think its really important to buy your products from a reputable place.

I’m glad to see that vets are now starting to open up to the idea of CBD products.  My vet told me not to use it too…but I did anyway…She’s trying to make money for the Vet, so I get that, but for most of us pet owners, its about making our pets comfortable.

Just read this article and make sure you’re buying your CBD products from a reputable place.  Crazy to see how many people are making so much money off of this and there really isn’t any CBD in the products.

It’s sad really.

One of the parts from the article that needs to be read:

“You’d be astounded by the analysis we’ve seen of products on the shelf with virtually no CBD in them,” said Cornell University veterinary researcher Joseph Wakshlag, who studies therapeutic uses for the compound. “Or products with 2 milligrams per milliliter, when an effective concentration would be between 25 and 75 milligrams per milliliter. There are plenty of folks looking to make a dollar rather than produce anything that’s really beneficial.”

Such products can make it to the shelves because the federal government has yet to establish standards for CBD that will help people know whether it works for their pets and how much to give.


I still believe that the CBD oil helped Fletch before he passed and I would use it again.