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Australia has been having devastating wildfires and the Irwin family has been very busy helping saves some of the animals that have been hurt because of the fires. “It’s so devastating and heartbreaking for us to see that all across the country, vital habitats and so many animals from koalas to kangaroos to fruit bats have been displaced,” Robert Irwin told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.  He added, “Now as they try to escape the flames, we’re seeing not only burn injuries, but also animals coming onto roads, being hit by cars, attacked by dogs, so it really is a tough situation and it’s going to be something that’s going to take years to recover from.”

The hospital has taken in around 90,000 animals over the years, Robert said, but the number has been “rising quite quickly in the last few days.”

You can help those affected by the Australian wildfires by donating to the Australian Red Cross here