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Is this even possible to attain in Tampa?

When I saw the story on the news last night, I was like, how can you have Gasparilla without beads?  But they aren’t talking getting rid of beads…just trying to keep our city cleaner and keeping them out of the water.

We all know that a ton of these beads end up in the water, and it’s sooo bad for our environment…so Tampa mayor Jane Castor is trying to help.

I agree…we need to do something to try and keep our city clean….and this is a good start.

Castor is partnering with several krewes and local organizations to make Tampa’s signature event more sustainable as part of her #BeadFreeBay initiative.

The Children’s Gasparilla Parade is January 18, with the big Gasparilla event on Jan. 25.

The #BeadFreeBay initiative will crackdown on littering.   Not eliminating beads all together…..yet.

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