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In Hillsborough County you might have to find an alternative way to work depending on where you are coming from and where you are going…

These five bridges will be undergoing maintenance in 2020:

  • I-75 at Causeway Blvd
  • I -275 over Yukon St.
  • SR 574 (MLK Blvd) over the Hillsborough River
  • SR 60 over the Tampa Bypass Canal
  • SR 60 at the entrance to Tampa International Airport

According to ABC Action News, FDOT says they need to repair, or in some cases, replace bearing pads and plates on these bridges. The pads and plates support the bridge beans but allow for slight movement for thermal expansion.

When aren’t our roads under constructions? That will be the day, when all construction is done and no traffic… That would be amazing!

Only in our dreams…