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Three former circus tigers are getting a second chance at life…thanks to the awesome people at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa!

If you haven’t visited Big Cat Rescue…you’re missing out.  It really is a great place.

Big Cat Rescue takes in all kinds of cats (big and small) and they provide forever homes for circus tigers that have been abused and hurt.  They get to live out their life in a safe place right here in Tampa.  And that’s exactly what’s happening with 3 new tigers from Guatemala.

Max and Simba who are both 9 years, and 3-year-old Kima.

It costs sooooo much money to feed and take care of all these animals, thats why they open up the facility to the public….you can walk around and see all the animals and the money you donate goes to help them.  It’s really cool to see them!  I’ve been a bunch.

Heck…kids are out of school this week…why not head up to Big Cat Rescue and go check out the new tigers that are arriving from Guatemala?

The story I read about them is on  I’m so glad these people got them out of that place and are now living in a good home.  Doesn’t sound like these Tigers have had a good life.  So heartbreaking.