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Sigh…another loss.  The Bucs are 3-7 and play a red hot Atlanta Falcons team this Sunday. The Falcons are also 3-7, but are coming off wins against the Saints and Panthers. The game is in Atlanta, so that makes it more difficult.  Here are 3 things to look at during the game.

1 – Jameis Winston. Just another 4 interception game for Jameis.  He now has 18 interceptions on the season, which leads the league. The Bucs got down to the Saints 20-0, so Jameis had to throw and throw often.  Jameis was also the leading rusher last week with 23 yards.  Since the start of the 2016 season Jameis has thrown 18 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions against the Falcons.  Here’s the problem, the Bucs are only 1-4 in those games. Jameis obviously needs to play well for the Bucs to win, but it doesn’t fall all on his shoulders.

2 – Matt Ryan. He was hurt earlier in the year and the Falcons started the season 1-7 before their bye week.  They are 2-o after the bye week and that is because Matt Ryan has played well. Last week against the Panthers he threw for 311 yards and a touchdown. The Bucs secondary is going to be tested again, so they need to be able to stop Matt Ryan to give them a great chance to win.

3 – Mike Evans. He’s frustrated and rightly so.  He said after the game last weekend, “It’s very frustrating. We’ve got the players. It’s never been about the players since I’ve been here. We’ve been very, very inconsistent since I’ve been here. I don’t know what we have to do to overturn it, but we’ve got to do something. This feeling is awful.” Mike is an elite wide receiver and is under contract through 2023, so hopefully things turn around, so he won’t want to go somewhere else.