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How are you celebrating today?

You’re probably like me and had no idea it was International Mens day today right?  I mean, what are we celebrating?

well…I did some digging.

So…every November 19th is International Men’s Day.   This special day dedicated to men was founded in 1999 by the University of West Indies history professor Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh. (who?)

This all came about as a complement to International Women’s Day, which is March 8th. duh?

The six objectives of IMD are to promote positive male role models and celebrate men’s positive contributions to society, to focus on men’s health and wellbeing and highlight discrimination against men, to improve gender relations, promote gender equality and create a safe world.

So…. there you go.

Soooo lets celebrate men.  All that stuff from above and the fact that they are hot!

Here is who I am celebrating today!

They say we should reach out to them and wish them a Happy International Men’s Day today….

Anyone have Keith Urban’s phone number?


Launa and Keith Urban

Launa and Kenny

Launa and Jake Owen

Launa and Michael Ray