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QYK On The Radio

Yup, add music to sleeping, eating right and exercising!

I should be super healthy, because I listen to music all day.  I always have 995 QYK on, at my house, in the car, walking my dog.  I am always listening to music.

New study came out and said while eating right and exercising are important to our health, we should also be listening to 78 minutes of music a day for a healthy lifestyle.  78 minutes.  Not 77.

They said its not only the time of music that’s important but five different kinds of music like uplifting and calming music, music to overcome sadness, manage anger and to motivate or help with concentration.

So if you think of it this way; eating vegetables is important.. but a variety of vegetables is even better for us.

The British Academy of Sound Therapy says that different types of music affect how blood flows to different parts of our brain and can help a body and mind stay fit.

So, the best idea would be to turn on 995QYK and just keep it on all day!!!

Read all about the study HERE.  I found it while I was looking up the info on the Motley Crue, Poison, Def Leppard tour that was announced…holy cow!  That’s going to be a Killer Show!!  Still waiting to find out if it’s coming to Tampa!