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I love this story!  This man saved this dogs and brought him back to the U.S safe and sound!

The “New York Post” just did a story on a Marine named Craig Grossi who found a malnourished dog in Afghanistan in 2010.

Grossi is an 8 year Marine Corps veteran and Purple Heart recipient, said it was during his time doing intelligence work for Marine RECON—the most elite fighters in the Corps—in a remote part of Afghanistan that he spotted the young dog, he now calls Fred.

Grossi said he had first spotted the dog in the battlefield between gunfights.  He first approached the dog when things began to calm down.  He was malnourished,  his fur was matted and he was covered in insects. Grossi said he almost turned away from the dog and then he began to wag his tail!!!

He said he  was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ This dog has nothing to wag his tail about,”

Grossi wasn’t finished with his deployment, but he snuck Fred out of Afghanistan and sent him home to his family to be nursed back to health.  He returned home later that year.

He recently wrote a book called “Craig & Fred” about how the dog’s nature changed his own life.

That’s one lucky dog!

Read more about this HERE

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Posted by Craig Grossi on Wednesday, July 17, 2019