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I’ve always joked… If I could only take a helicopter to avoid all this traffic…. Well, now you can!

I am sooooo going to use an Uber Helicopter.

Question is…how expensive is it?

Right now…they are using it in NYC…which is a great place…especially getting around all that traffic.

The ride-sharing service is offering helicopter service to all users starting on October 7th. Until now, the Uber Copter was only available to premium users. You’ll need some disposable income to afford the trip.

The flight from lower Manhattan to JFK lasts about 8 minutes and will cost $200 to $225 per passenger. That includes ground transportation to or from the helipad.

In upcoming years, Uber will offer a similar service in Los Angeles, Dallas and Melbourne, Australia.

This is awesome!  Sit in traffic for 2 hours or grab a helicopter for $200?

I think the choice is obvious….for people who live in NYC….they have the money to do it.

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