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Part Two of the Florida texting-and-driving law also crack down on parents in the car line.

This new law will require police to pull over anyone driving and holding a cellular device, no matter what the driver is using it for. This new law will also affect parents and guardians in pick-up lines. Bring your news paper, read a book or listen to 99.5 QYK. They are cracking down and even though the car is still, I think this will help the overall purpose of no distracted driving.

In Hillsborough County alone, nearly 2,000 crashes occurred in school zones across a two-year span. It’s not known how many were due to phone use, but Sheriff Chad Chronister says, this isn’t a problem they will ticket their way out of. Law enforcement officers will issue warnings until Jan. 1, 2020. Then they’ll start writing tickets. The citations will start at $60 for first-time offenders, plus three points on their driver’s license.

[Source: FOX 13 NEWS]