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Skyway Bridge

Your commute in Pinellas County could speed up soon, FDOT are looking to add express lanes to I-275 to help with traffic congestion.

This is some great news!

This is an EVERYDAY problem and FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation) wants to free up some time for some of us that travel on I-275 regularly in Pinellas County.  According to ABC Action News, FDOT wants to connect drivers from the Howard Frankland Bridge to the Sunshine Skyway faster and easier by adding two more express lanes in each direction of the interstate. As for the new express lanes, FDOT says they will cost drivers, but help to open up traffic on the general use lanes. Transit and school buses can hop into the express lanes for free. FDOT says the project is crucial to keeping traffic moving in Tampa Bay.

Before starting construction, FDOT wants to hear your opinion on the new express lane plan that will cost $390 million project in 2024.

Other than traffic from construction, I am all for this new project! I bet it will even help traffic in other counties, too. Downtown Tampa might get some congestion relief…