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Full props to this guys!

He is one “Lucky” dog!  So glad this police officer was there to help!

Officer Joseph Puglia, who works in Pinellas Park received praise on Monday for walking out onto a busy interstate to rescue a dog he just saw get hit by a vehicle on 275 and 38th Ave.

Video from Puglia’s dash cam showed him stopping and getting out of his vehicle within seconds.  He saw it happen and said his heart just sank.


Incredibly, the dog survived with just minor cuts and scrapes.

They named him ‘Lucky’.

The dog ended up in the county’s animal shelter and Puglia’s story was on social media with comments like “awesome job officer!”

I hope he has a family who is missing him….but if he doesn’t, Puglia said if animal control could not find the owner, he had a couple family members who already said they would be more than willing to take him into their homes.

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