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(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Pit bulls still aren’t welcome on Delta Air Lines.

This isn’t fair or right…but let’s think about this for a minute.

You’re on a flight relaxing in your seat….and someone comes and sits down next to you and they have a pit-bull.  Maybe not a big deal right….ok, let’s change the scenario.   A passenger comes down the aisle and he and his pit-bull sit down next to you and your 4 year old daughter.  Now how do you feel?

I am the biggest dog lover there is.  For some reason, people are a little anxious and afraid around pit-bulls.  It’s not their fault, it’s ours.  We did this to the breed and now they aren’t allowed on airlines like Delta.

Delta says it hasn’t figured out how to ensure passengers’ safety around pits bulls, so it’s continuing a ban it imposed last year.

The decision seems contrary to recent guidance from the federal government. The Transportation Department said in August that it thinks banning specific breeds is a violation of regulations covering service animals.

Delta says it had more than 40 cases of aggressive animal behavior on planes last year. A Delta passenger was mauled badly in 2017, although the dog was a lab-pointer mix.

I’m glad to see they are looking into this and I’m sure its a tough decision to make.  We all know that pit-bulls aren’t aggressive on their own…but some people are just scared of them.

Hopefully they can figure this out.  It’s sad to see that this breed gets such a bad rap when the dogs are soooo amazing!

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