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Alright, the Bucs beat the Panthers last Thursday to give them their first win of the season. The Bucs come back home for Week 3 against the New York Giants at 4:05 on Sunday.  The Giants haven’t won a game this season and 2-time Super Bowl MVP, Eli Manning, has been benched. The Bucs have a great opportunity to be 2 and 1 after this Sunday’s game.  Also, Ronde Barber is being inducted into the Ring of Honor at halftime. Here are 3 things to look forward to.

1 – Daniel Jones. The NEW quarterback for the New York Giants.  The decision was made after the Giants lost to the Bills last week that Eli Manning would no longer be the starting quarterback. So, that means rookie, Daniel Jones, will be making his first NFL start on Sunday against the Bucs. He was drafted 6th overall in this year’s draft and many people think that was too high.  The Bucs defense needs to make him uncomfortable in the pocket that cause him to make bad throws.

2 – Saquon Barkley – So, if the Bucs defense can make Daniel Jones play bad they still have to deal with one of the best running backs in the NFL. He is second leading rusher in the league through 2 weeks with 227 yards and a touchdown. For the Bucs to win this game they can’t forget about Barkley because he is a game changer.

3 – Jameis Winston – Ok, he didn’t play great or bad last week against the Panthers.  He managed the game and didn’t make any mistakes and the defense made the play at the end of the game to secure the victory. Maybe it was just me, but Jameis seemed to want to sit in the pocket and take a sack rather than make an errant throw.  Did the coaching staff make that change after week 1 and if they did it was the right decision.  I know sacks are bad, but they are better than interceptions.  Let’s see if Jameis can build upon last week and get even better.