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So it looks like Felicity Huffman is going to do some time for the college admission scandal…but where they are sending her doesn’t sound all that bad!

Felicity Huffman was sentenced to two weeks in one of America’s “10 Cushiest Prisons” this is according to Forbes.

Personally, I’ve never heard of a cushy prison until now.

It’s an all-women’s low-security Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California is dubbed “Chateau Dublin.” They say it’s more like a luxury retreat than a prison.  The campus features “acres of gardens with cool ocean breezes.”  Wait…what?  ocean breeze?

Inmates at “Chateau Dublin” stay in private bungalows with cable TV, computers and floor-to-ceiling windows without iron bars. They’re able to bring their own bedding, pillows and linens. Orange jumpsuits are discarded for comfy sweats.

That’s not all…she can have food delivered to her  Postmates delivers to “Chateau Dublin.”

Felicity would be arguably the third most famous inmate after Heidi Fleiss and kidnapped billionaire Patty Hearst.

Felicity issued an apology following her sentence that said in part, “I look forward to doing my 250 community service hours and making a positive impact.”

You gotta see this place (Radar Online)