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We all remember when Britney Spears had her melt down…well… fans are worried she might be on her way to another one after a bunch of weird posts over the weekend.

She took to Instagram over the past few days posting video of her in two different dresses, one black, one yellow with the caption, “Black n yellow is a bumble y’all …. as in B …. my name y’all !!!!” followed by several crazy eyes with tongue out emojis.

“Oh Lord we’re losing her again,” wrote one concerned fan. “I love her so much but I’m proper worried,” wrote another. “As you should be,” a third responded.

There has been quite a bit going on in Britney’s world as of late, the singer’s father has been accused of child abuse against her son and now he can’t have contact with either of them, leaving Kevin Federline with full custody.

And now TMZ is reporting that Britney’s doctor, Timothy Benson, has died at the age of 48 with a brain aneurysm.  The death happened on August 24th at his home in Santa Monica, California. The untimely death happened just before a judge will determine whether Britney was receiving proper care of her mental health issues.

The question over Britney’s care was raised after she was admitted to a mental health facility earlier this year. Britney’s mother, Lynne Spears, had concerns about Jamie’s handling of Britney’s conservatorship and claims of her medicine not working.   Read more on that HERE

This is just sad.

I follow her on instagram and I did kinda say to myself…what in the heck is going on with her now?

I just hope she can get the help and support she needs, from people who won’t take advantage of her.


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When my hair was blonde ????‍♀️

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