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So many people are reaching out and helping those that are in need….even a 7 year old boy!

Wow…now if this doesn’t inspire you to do something nice……A 6 year-old boy named Jermaine Bell was getting ready to celebrate his 7th birthday on Sept. 8.   He’s been saving his money to go to Disney World, but in the midst of Hurricane Dorian making its way to the Palmetto state, he wanted to find a way to help evacuees.

He instantly knew what he wanted to do with his birthday money.

Jermaine took his Disney World birthday money and traded it in for hot dogs, chips, and water to serve to coastal South Carolina evacuees.

Then…he went and stood on highway 125 in Allendale with two handcrafted signs on each end of the highway to make sure he got evacuees attention. He served nearly 100 evacuees.