This will be my first hurricane, and I’m excited.  Wind, rain, and the sheer power of the storm.  I do hail from Tornado Alley, so I have experienced extreme weather.

From the looks of this storm though, It will be merely but a Cat 1 if it makes its way to Tampa Bay.  Seeing how I have never been in a hurricane, I thought I would make a list for you…

  1. Beer and Lots Of It

Now I’m not saying don’t hydrant with water, but you will need to pass the time.  What better way than being drunk half the time.

2. Dog and Cat Food 

This will become crucial because when you run out of food, you will need this to survive.

3. Plenty of Board Games

You will already be stuck inside with your family, so might as well crush their soul with some good ol’ fashion Monopoly.

4. Sandbags

I don’t know about you, but I will be building a fort.  This will be perfect to fortify my area from flying debris.

5. Fresh Water

Just in case your power goes out, and you have a fish tank.  You will need to put your fish in a plastic bag, and change their water.  Make sure the fresh water is room temperature, so they don’t go in to shock.

6. Flash Light

When the power goes out this will be perfect for ghost stories… Boo

7. Hiding Spot

Not for you, just your favorite snacks.

8. A Sense Of Humor

If you could tell this was a complete joke, and you know not to take advice from someone who has never been in a hurricane.  Then you would also know to go to Florida Disaster Relief Website

I hope you had a good laugh, but if you really need help on how to prep, just go to the link above.  Don’t listen to me!!!