With Dorian headed our way, we asked our Facebook friends… what’s your piece of hurricane advice or “life hack” that you would never see on TV? We loved your responses! Got another one? Leave it on our Facebook page!

Here’s a cheap one… I did it so don’t laugh. I went to Dollar tree and bought 10, 1 dollar solar lights. Once charged, bring them inside and put one in every room. Safer than candles and last longer than batteries.

Before the storm hits, fill up your washing machine with ice, put items inside that you want to keep chilled and close the lid to keep them cool. Don’t worry about what to do when the ice starts to melt — the machine is designed to drain water.

Fill Tupperware containers with water and freeze.

Need to flush the toilet? Go get some pool water!

Make sure you have a manual can opener. Those electric ones won’t work with no power lol.

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