Cole Swindell marked a very special day on his socials today.

Cole posted to Instagram, “On this day, 12 years ago, I moved to Nashville. It was my Dad’s birthday, record-breaking heat wave, and my 3 favorite artists (@dierksbentley, @lukebryan, & @ericchurch) were all playing a pub crawl on Demonbreun St. I was so nervous because I had NO clue if I’d ever be good enough at writing songs or singing them to make a living. I was also excited because I knew no matter what happened I absolutely HAD to be AROUND the music business…around the songs. I just wanted a shot to make other people feel the way I did when I heard music that I loved.”

He continued, “Everyone has their own path and ALL of you have certainly made a huge impact on mine. 3 albums & (in the middle of) 5 EPs later… here we are. August 23rd. I’d say it’s a pretty special day to put out a new song.. it was honestly supposed to be out last Friday but I was told that plans had changed and when I heard the new release date…I just smiled. Things like that don’t just happen. Happy Birthday, Pops! Gonna be a good night here in California. Love y’all! #12 #Aug23”