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Miranda Lambert recently shared a new song from her upcoming Wild Card album called “Bluebird.”

She said of the song, “’Bluebird’ was written from a poem. And, Luke Dick had the idea and he sent it to me in a text late one night and I was like, ‘Please save this song for me. It’s so cool and I want to be part of it.’ And, I just love what it says. I think it’s very poetic; I think it tells a story and I love the feeling that I get when I say—I love the part in ‘Bluebird’ where I say, ‘I keep a light on in my soul and a bluebird in my heart’ because it actually is a reminder that every time I sing that lyric that that’s what I need to do.”

She continued, “And, you know, I hope this song gives people the same feeling that it gives Luke and Natalie and I. Um, it just feels like a reminder to stay positive and that, you know, there’s a brighter day if you keep the right outlook.”

Lambert’s Wild Card album will be out on November 1.