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I am no expert in relationships, I’ve been single so long my mom gave up asking when she was getting grandkids.  So what I say probably won’t help you keep your S.O.

I was talking with multiple people in the office, and we got on to topic of mysteries in a relationship.  Without missing a beat, I said the only mystery that a couple should have is about going #2.

Thinking everyone would be on my side, I was shocked to find out many people openly talk with their partners about their movements.  How on earth could this be a thing?  If I had a girlfriend, I want to look at her like she is the most beautiful creation on this earth.  The moment she brags about blowing up a bathroom, I’m pretty sure all love would be flush down the toilet.  Yes, pun intended…

Now I know everyone goes #2, but can a guy just dream about girls not doing that?

That wasn’t the only thing though.

  1. How Many Partners You’ve Had.   Many people said they would never ask this question, and never want to know.  They said it would ruin their S.O. imagine they have in their head.


Not Knowing Who They Like On Social Media.  This was an unpopular opinion, and yes it was from a man.


How Much Credit Card Debt You Have. This one I did not agree with, if she is going in to massive amounts of debt.  Probably would want to know about that.

That was just some of the things that were said, but I want to know if you have any secrets, or mysteries that should still be kept alive in a relationship.