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Celebrations in Florida may be a little brighter and louder pretty soon, and it’s all because of a proposed bill that could legalize the sale of amateur fireworks. The new bill would make it so Floridians could legally set off amateur fireworks on three major holidays.

According to FOX:

The push to make the sale of fireworks legal on Independence Day, Memorial Day and New Year’s Eve is being spearheaded by Sen. Travis Hutson, a St. Augustine Republican, and Rep. Ana Maria Rodriguez, R-Doral.

“It’s time to stop penalizing Floridians for wanting to celebrate American traditions,” Hutson told The News Service of Florida, after filing his proposal last week.

Florida’s fireworks regulations have repeatedly come under scrutiny by legislators, with one lawmaker calling the current statute one of the “goofiest laws in the nation.”

The current regulations were set in place more than decade ago, but legislators have been unable to change them.

[source: FOX]