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Why not make snack-time a little fun. Heck, who says these are just for kids to take to school, I may bring some of these to work!

Sandwich Kabobs: Grab your cookie cutters and make lunch fun again! These are really easy to make and a healthy option for lunch. For safety reasons, I recommend using some plastic (not sharp) to hold the kabobs together. (A plastic straw perhaps) See more here.

Peanutbutter and Jelly Pancake Sandwiches: I have made one for myself and they are tasty. You can make some pancakes for breakfast and then use the leftovers for lunch. I recommend using the fluffy pancakes for some extra wow. See more on how you can make these here.

Bookworm Brownies: So these aren’t the healthiest option but we all need a sweet treat now and then! I love the little gummy worms and I am always a fan for fondant. Get the full recipe here.

Puzzle Sandwiches: I absolutely love this idea. For the little ones, this is such a fun way for them to enjoy their lunch and be the coolest kid at the lunch table. Also, if your child isn’t a fan of crust, this removes it too! You can get the puzzle piece sandwich cutter here.