Update: According to Fox 13

An Uber Eats driver named Heidi Schmutz, claimed she was kidnapped while she was at a Denny’s restaurant picking up food.  According to investigators they believe she lied about the whole thing.

She told investigators that the man had forced himself in to her car, and made her drive to a motel.  After police review the security cameras at the local motel, they found she didn’t appear to be in distress.  After questioning her about the inconsistency in her story, she finally admitted it was made up.

According to reports, She agreed to take the man to the motel in exchange for cash, and when they got there he didn’t have any money to pay her.  She then told investigators, She called the police with the false story, and exaggerated what the man had done to seem more believable.

The man originally charged with kidnapping is in the hands of the State Attorney, and they will decided if charges will be filed.

Heidi Schmutz has been charged with making a false kidnapping report.



Original story from August 15th,

(A horrible situation, turned in to a silver lining with some quick thinking, and the help of a random citizen.  An Uber Eats driver was saved from kidnapping at a local motel in Pasco county.)