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This is crazy….anyone who is on the cover, is cursed for that year!

The NFL regular season kicks off in just a few weeks and one of the games best wide receivers name is Antonio Brown… Well….he hasn’t been able to practice and probably won’t be starting in Week 1… all because, get this…..because of frostbite on his feet.

Check this out…. He  somehow messed up his feet when he went into one of those crazy cryotherapy chambers  – what??  why would he do that?

He’s also on the cover of Madden ’20, which means the Madden Curse is alive and well.

But it gets even worse. Antonio Brown shares this cover with a little logo for a piece of software used in the game — called Frostbite. The word “frostbite” is literally on the cover underneath Brown’s picture….how weird is that??

I mean seriously….what are the odds?

You can read more about it USA Today