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A mom in the U.K. is getting slammed online for charging people $82 to go to her son’s Go-Kart birthday party.  And on top of that, she’s also asking people to bring a lunch.

I don’t have kids or attend kids birthday parties, but I hear they are expensive to have.  I know some mom’s who spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on their kids birthday parties…which I think is nuts!

A mom is throwing a 14th birthday party for her son at a go kart track . . . and she’s charging everyone $82 to attend!

Is this ok?

The price includes $59 for the karts and $23 for transportation 80 miles round trip to and from the track.  Wait…what?  She wants gas money?  She also asked people to bring a lunch.

Here’s an idea….why not doing something that isn’t so expensive and take your kid to the go-kart track on another day if its something he wants to do.

This is nuts? Would you do something like this?

You can read more about it on Fox News

Here is one mom who started this all on the internet. HERE