“You don’t need new clothes, your brother just grew out of his.”

“You can’t do that yet, your brother is older.”  (By a year ????)

“Grandma didn’t get you a gift, she only likes firstborns.”  (I’m not making that up)

Today is the worst day of the year, it’s “National Middle Child Day”.

I will not complain about my childhood, because it was wonderful.  However, there were times when I wished I wasn’t the middle child.  Anyone who is a middle child will understand.  It’s almost like your older sibling ruined everything before you had a chance to do it.

Really wanted that awesome toy?  Well, your older brother got it, and it broke so now mom won’t spend money to buy another.

Older brother needed a car for his graduation present, he gets a Z3 BMW because he is going to become a doctor.  I got a cake….?

Not to mention my older brothers birthday is on the 2nd of November, mine is the 18th.  He always got a gift, but when it came time for mine I was told it was too close to Christmas so I had to buy what I wanted that year.

Looking back it’s actually hilarious, and I really did have a wonderful childhood.  Great parents, kick-butt farm to play on, and countless other memories but being the middle child has left a mark on me for the rest of my life.

Going to Goodwill to find clothes doesn’t bother me.  Expectations of getting things is extremely low.  I also don’t need to eat that much, because all the food was gone by the time it got to me.

All in all, being the middle child wasn’t so bad.  I watched as my older brother made mistakes, so I knew not to do that.  In high school, everyone was nice because I was Q’s little brother.  I also got to tag along to a couple of parties.  I was arrested at one though for underage drinking.  He wasn’t because he left with a girl… That’s the luck of the middle child I guess.

I wouldn’t trade my childhood for anything, and I have the best family in the world.

Just remember to check on your middle child, or they might turn out like me!