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Ever seen Bar Rescue? It’s the show where a moody industry expert tries to “help give failing bars nationwide one last chance to transform themselves into profitable businesses,” according to their press release. Jon Taffer is brash and has the oddest looking head of hair (other than mine) I’ve ever seen. He came to town in hopes of fixing up Buffalo City Bar & Grille in St. Petersburg. (Although the show’s press release sent to me said Tampa.) From the bar’s online reviews, it looks like the show didn’t work much magic.

The description of Sunday night’s premiere from Paramount Network: “The daughter of a longtime bar owner steps into his shoes after his abrupt passing. Will she learn the business on the fly or see her father’s legacy crumble right under her?” In the preview clip, food temperature seemed the be an issue. The chicken apparently smelled terrible and they were ready to serve it.

How does it all turn out? We’ll have to watch Sunday night (August 11) at 10 on Paramount Network. But it looks like any progress Taffer made with the place didn’t help with their Yelp score. Jim from St. Pete says, “Even bar rescue could not save this turd.” He complained that the beer was warm, food bland, and the service slow. He said he’d rather eat at the gas station across the street. He followed that up by saying he was being nice. Ouch.

Another reviewer from St. Pete, Rob, checked the place out because specifically it was going to be featured on Bar Rescue. His experience was similar. He says he was not greeted. A waitress dropped off a menu but didn’t come back as they waited and were bothered by the cigarette smoke and intoxicated patrons that just walked in and out. After 32 reviews on Yelp, Buffalo City Bar & Grille has an unamazing 2.5 out of 5 stars. Will the TV show help them learn and make changes? We’ll have to wait and see.

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