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Coffee Pot

And….here we go again!

Seriously…. there is just too much of this stuff going on.

People licking ice cream, putting Nair in shampoo, spitting in food and now, boiling their underwear in the coffee pot in a hotel room?

Oh, this is soooooo gross!

Perhaps it would be best to look inside the coffee maker the next time you are staying at a hotel.

It seems many on the internet have admitted to using the kitchen appliance as a makeshift washing machine while traveling, with a Twitter user recently revealing she’s the latest to do so.

WHAT?????  Who does this???

According to the woman’s post, she had no choice but to boil her underwear after getting caught off guard by her period, describing the method as, “Quick, fast and hygienic.”  OMG   OMG  OMG   OMG!!!

I can’t.  I just can’t even.

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