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Preseason football sometimes doesn’t always reflect what the regular season will be.  I have seen my team go 0-4 in preseason, and end up going to the playoffs.  I have also seen teams go 4-0 in the preseason, and didn’t even come close to the playoffs.

So really whether they looked good or not, it’s always a toss up.  That being said, the Bucs didn’t do half bad.  Defense clearly needs some work, but they showed they have some weapons on offense.

Bruce Arians has a lot of work to do in his first season, however if his season goes anything like this first game it could be a successful one.

I mean they had a shot to win with just 10 sec’s left, and with their 3rd string QB.  Keep your head up Buc’s fans, it’s not looking half bad…

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It’s officially official. #tampaBAy #buccobruce

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