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If you have a pet or looking to get one you are in luck!

WalletHub, who I have come to realize is the masterminds behind all of these rankings and lists that Tampa keeps making it on, not complaining one bit. It is nice to live in a city that has so much good buzz around it. Especially when it has to deal with family and fur family, it is expensive to own a pet and living  in a city that makes it a little easier financially is a win for everyone. According to WalletHub, the nearly 85 million households in the U.S. that own pets want to live places where their beloved companions can enjoy long, healthy lives without breaking the bank. The American Pet Products Association projects that in 2019, pet ownership will cost Americans over $75 billion. That’a a lot of money…

The study analyzed 100 of the largest cities in the U.S. based off the following metrics:

  • Pet Budget (i.e. vet care costs, dog insurance)
  • Pet Health and Wellness (i.e. vets per capita, doggie daycares per capita)
  • Outdoor Pet-Friendliness (i.e. weather, walk score, dog parks per capita)

Not just one Florida city made the Top 5 list, Orlando made the cut too!

  1. Scottsdale, AZ
  2. Orlando, FL
  3. Tampa, FL
  4. Austin, TX
  5. Phoenix, AZ

Read more about the WalletHub pet friendly cities report HERE>>