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This is some scary stuff, to see your dog becoming an alligator’s meal…

This guy from Nokomis, Florida went into Poppa Bear mode and wrestled an alligator to save his black lab from a huge gator’s strong jaw. The man, who was not identified, had reportedly heard the commotion from inside his house and ran out to find both the dog and the gator in the canal behind his home, according to My Sun Coast. He then jumped in, pried the gator’s mouth open and retrieved the injured dog.

What a great dog owner! The gator has been caught and was nearly 10-feet long according to Florida Fish and Wildlife.

A neighbor even got a photo of the big boy:

So last Sunday when I came in from boating there was a huge gator just off my dock ... this is the time of year the...

Posted by Kelley Ann Ayers on Friday, August 2, 2019