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It is tough to see your furry family member go through a tough time and this lady saw the bright side to her already dark situation.

A lady from Boynton Beach wanted to give her dog the best life possible after finding out the little pup was fighting a very aggressive cancer. According to ABC Action News, Jillian Dibble has created a bucket list for Daisy, her 12-year-old beagle who’s suffering from lymphoma, fluid around her lungs, and a heart murmur. Dibble said doctors have given Daisy just eight weeks to live. To have the best time during those weeks, Jillian decided to create a list of must-dos with her dog’s very own bucket list:

  • Have a Starbucks pupachino
  • Order a burger at McDonald’s
  • Have ice cream on the Ave.
  • Go to the beach
  • Play with friends at the dog park
  • Visit a pet store and play with everything
  • Have a steak dinner
  • Go swimming at Grandma’s
  • Have a BBQ
  • Cruise down A1A with the windows down and music up
  • Visit a fire house
  • Raise funds and collect donations for shelter animals in Daisy’s name and deliver them
  • Have a photo shoot
  • Make a paw print ornament
  • Sit together and watch the sunset/sunrise
  • Follow that scent for as long as you want
  • Paint a picture

What a great idea! I thought this was a great story and list to share with anyone needing it. Our thoughts go with Jillian during this tough time but very happy she is giving such joy to Daisy during her last days.

Jillian Dibble even hosted a ‘Daisy’s Dog Party’ this past Sunday, Aug. 4 at the Dog Park at Lake Ida in Delray Beach. Looked like a lot of fun:

Party at the Lake Ida dog park!

Posted by Jillian Engler Dibble on Sunday, August 4, 2019