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What a genius idea!!  Why didn’t I think of this!

I am soooo buying one  of these….maybe 5 of these.

Adam and Desiree Haller grabbed $100,000 for 25 percent equity of their company from billionaire Mark Cuban and NBA great Charles Barkley on the TV show Shark Tank for their container to hold sub sandwiches, called Subsafe.

Subsafe is a storage container for subs that keep them fresh AND they even float in the water.

They are now sold at Publix and Wawa.

If you love the beach, boating, picnics, etc…this is perfect for us in Florida!

SubSafe is made out of plastic and apparently will keep your subs from getting soggy, especially if water hits it or you experience a complete fail and drop it in the water. The container floats and the sandwich is safe inside, according to its manufacturers.

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