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Granger Smith took to YouTube to share his thoughts about opening for Garth Brooks In Idaho over the weekend and releasing a balloon in his late son River’s honor to the giant crowd.

Granger said in part, “It’s because music is healing, and it’s not that I’m going out there trying to heal people, it’s that the fans are doing that back to me. It’s you guys that are lifting me. You guys are doing the healing.”

Smith talked about how his own grandmother engraved the title of a Garth Brooks song, “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” on his grandfather’s tombstone, “That’s when I realized … how powerful songs could be.”

He continued, “When I lost River, I had released a song a few months before that called ‘Heaven Bound Balloons.’ There’s so much irony in that song, me writing that song before having any idea about what was going to happen.”

During his opening show for Brooks in Idaho, Granger had his brother bring him out a red balloon (River’s favorite color) inscribed with a message to River. Smith let it out to the crowd, “I was just standing there at the end of the stage watching this red balloon go at a stadium at a Garth Brooks concert. It’s really crazy how life can come at you full circle like that.”