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75-year-old Buddy Ackerman of Palm Harbor said he had to fight off an alligator to save his daughter’s golden retriever. The gator came out of the pond behind his home on Tuesday morning.

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Buddy Ackerman says Osi, the golden, was in the middle of doing his business when the 7 foot, 7 inch gator grabbed onto his backside.

Ackerman says he kicked the alligator in the snout twice and Osi got loose.

“He was squealing a good bit when the thing grabbed him,” Ackerman said. “Me, I’m a nervous wreck, I go up and slip and fall on my rear end, and the two of us are tugging. Alligator is going one way, I’m going the other.”

Trappers came and removed the gator.

[source: ABC Action News]