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Granger Smith is back on the road playing shows after the tragic death of his three-year-old son River, who died in early June after drowning in the family pool.

In between tour stops, Granger took to the wild in Montana, Idaho and Oregon to film a video reflecting on his family’s tragic loss.

He said in the video, released on his family’s YouTube channel, “You’re not going to replace the loss, ever. You’re going to find a way where it feels good again to live, and you know you have a purpose in that loss, something that you didn’t have before.”

It’s the first time Smith has been away from his wife and two kids since the tragedy. He shared, “It’s good for us to stand on two feet for a few days” then says that be bringing Amber and their two kids back out on tour very soon.

Granger also said in the video that he’s hopeful that the couple’s choice to be so open about what they’re going through will help anyone who is going through a loss or has experienced a deep loss in the past, “I feel like if they see anything from Amber and I, something to build on, or maybe something not do to, at the same time, that that’s meaning for River’s legacy.”

You can watch the full video below.

-Nancy Brooks