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They are closing beaches because of this stuff all over the place!

Uh…I’ve never heard of this….Blue-green algae blooms have been growing more frequent, both in Florida and elsewhere in the United States.

Mississippi just closed all 21 of its beaches because of a bloom!!!

They say it looks like guacamole!!   This algae shut down the beaches of Martin County over the Fourth of July.  That’s near Port St. Lucie/West Palm area.  Ugh!

Near the Tampa Bay people are reporting they’ve seen squishy and slimy green balls that look like rocks.

The Devision Director for the Pinellas County Environmental Management is warning people to stay away from it because it could be toxic!

Fortunately, most of the algae found this summer in the bay area hasn’t tested toxic but they the state lacks a water quality threshold for these types of toxins.

Are you kidding me right now?

We all  feed the algae bloom with things like fertilizer, reclaimed water, and sewage.

Uh… they are closing down beaches because of this!

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