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Nights With Keebler


Here is a list of my favorite Toby Keith songs.  This is totally opinion, so feel free to debate this in the comments.

10. “I Wanna Talk About Me”

Just because this is #10 on my list doesn’t mean it’s a bad song.


9. “A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action”

Ok, it seems I have underestimated this task.  I have been listening to Toby’s songs for the past 30 minutes.  This list is going to be hard to finish, that being said I can’t make a top 10 list without this song.


8. “Trailerhood”

Now in my personal opinion, this was better than “Red Solo Cup”.


7. “Bullets In The Gun”

This makes #7 on my list not only because it’s a great song, but because it’s one of the best music videos Toby has ever recorded.


6. “Who’s Your Daddy”

I don’t know one guy who didn’t sing this song in high school to seem like he was cool.  Including me… That’s why this makes #6 on my list.


5. “I Love This Bar”

To this day I still hear this song when I walk in to a honky tonk or dive.  Definitely has to be in the top 5…


4. “Made In America”

I had a really tough choice to make.  “Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue” or “Made In America”.  The only reason I picked this song, is because I was in the Marines.  So “Semper Fi, Do Or Die”


3. “Whiskey Girl”

This rounds out the top 3 because I had a crazy crush on this girl.  Don’t judge my ways… lol


2. “Beer For My Horses”

Do I even have to explain why this is #2?


1. “As Good As I Once Was”

With today being Toby Keith’s 58th birthday, it was only fitting I made this the #1 song.  Happy Birthday, Toby!!!!