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Yesterday (7/7) marked National “Dive Bar” Day and Garth Brooks marked it by making a announcement. He said on Facebook, “We’re announcing the ‘Dive Bar’ Tour!”

Garth plans to play seven cities on his summer “Dive Bar” Tour which gets its name and inspiration from his new duet with buddy Blake Shelton.

In between “Dive Bar” stops with his band, Brooks will still be playing on his Stadium Tour and Blake is slated to join him at the first of his two concerts in Boise (on July 19).

Garth shared that Chicago will be the first city the Dive Bar Tour will kick off on July 15. He said, “We can’t say the name of the place yet. Radio’s going to announce tomorrow (today) around 5:00pm the actual bar in Chicago that we will be playing. Everything’s about your local country radio station, man. That’s what it’s all about. You can still only hear ‘Dive Bar’ on your local country radio station. And that’s how it should be!”

-Nancy Brooks