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This is one of those stories that breaks your heart.

We’ve heard this one before.  Couple splits up, She can’t take dog in apartment, he keeps dog, then decides he doesn’t want dog and gives to shelter.  Family comes and adopts dogs, now woman wants dog back.

Ugh.  Sometimes life puts you in situations that are tough and you have to make decisions that you don’t want to do, but you have to.  Giving up your dog because you can’t afford to live in a place that allows dogs is a lot of times why people have to give them up.

I can’t even imagine not having my dog with me.  I don’t know what I would do if I had to give up my dog….so I can understand what this woman felt.

She wants her dog back, but it’s already been adopted out to a family. And now she is trying to track her dog Steel down. She had a no-contact order against her ex, so when he decided to put Steel up for adoption, he told her he wasn’t allowed to contact her and let her know.

So…if she finds her dog…..what do you do if you’re the family?

Not sure how “long” they have had the dog, but it’s a tough decision.  It’s not her dog anymore…but if it was me…I would want my dog back… The ex-husband is a JERK for not telling her.  That is wrong on his part.  He could have told a friend of a friend or something….Seems to me he did it out of spite.

You can click HERE to read more on this story and share it with friends who maybe adopted her dog Steel.

Ugh… just breaks my heart.  I would do the exact thing she is…I wouldn’t give up until I found my dog.