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The dog was wagging it’s tail and wasn’t being aggressive at all….This is just WRONG!

If I saw this on my security camera…..guess what I would do….next day I would open up the door and pepper spray right back in their face.

What is wrong with people!

Security cam from a house in Los Angeles filmed a mail carrier pepper spraying a dog for what seemed like no reason.  The dog is on the other side of a fence when the carrier takes out a can and sprays it through the metal bars.


When the owner got home he noticed the dog was acting strange, and that’s when he checked the security cam.  He took the dog to the vet, and thank goodness it’s doing just fine – but I bet that poor dogs eyes burned and hurt for hours until it’s owner could get home.   How mean!  They better do something to this postal worker….that is not right.

Watch the video: