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This company will give you one-thousand dollars if you ditch your smart phone for a flip phone for one week. is kicking of a Flip Phone Challenge this week. The company says it wants to see what happens when people step away from smartphones.

They are specifically looking for a smartphone addict, social media expert and tech geek. If you get chosen, you will have to document your smartphone-free week. Frontier wants to know it ALL, for example: how long it will take to text, checking email or get around without your handheld GPS.

The company is offering the “lucky” person $1,000. The chosen person will also get a physical map to use in place of a GPS, a pocket phonebook, a notepad and pen and some 90s CDs to “soothe your Spotify withdrawals.” I might actually be down to do this. I have wanted to have an excuse to be disconnected.

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