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Billy Ray Cyrus and Little Nas X have a huge, an unexpected hit with their song “Old Town Road.” Little Nas X told ABC News, “This is only the beginning and people won’t realize it until they realize it.”

Little Nas X’s “Old Town Road” charted country in the top 20 and then was pulled off the chart for not having “enough elements of today’s country music to chart in its current version.” That’s when Billy Ray Cyrus joined him and redid the song as a duet. He said, “I just thought, ‘Wait, that’s not fair. Waylon [Jennings], one of the greatest outlaws in the history of country music,  said to me, ‘The definition of an outlaw is one who has been outlawed.’”

Cyrus added, “‘Old Town Road’ was all of me: it was my past, present and future. It had everything that I’ve been raised on my whole life: bluegrass and that modern country hook. Country music is songs that touch peoples’ hearts, if country music fans dig it then it’s country. I’m 57 years old and never thought I’d feel anything like this again. I’ve never felt a stallion run like this song is running.”

-Nancy Brooks