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WWII will always be the Great War, in fact it was one of the reasons I decided to join the Marine Corps.  Hearing stories of war fighters who went above and beyond the call of duty for the men and women that protected our great nation.

Today is D-Day, and so many service members lost their life on Omaha Beach.  Many service members nicknaming it Blood Beach.  It had me thinking about how many WWII vets from Florida lost their life, not only in that battle, but in all of WWII.

According to National Archives, these are the total number of troops from Florida that scarified it all, for us back home.

KIA/DOI- 3043 (Killed in Action/Died of Injury)

DIC- 14 (Died in Prison Camp)

MIA- 55 (Missing in Action)

You can find the names of our brave heroes that serviced in the Army, and Airforce here

and find the brave heroes from the Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard here