In today’s “Only in Florida” story of the day, 19 year old Nicholas Jones has been charged with reckless driving, fleeing and eluding and misuse of 911 after he apparently called 911 to BRAG about fleeing a traffic stop. Check out this transcript, from Channel 8:

    Caller: “I want to know…. I, like, ran from a cop 30 minutes to an hour ago. I was the guy… that… over there off of Kings Estates. Like, what do we pay you guys for… like, I’ve driven past four cops.”

    Dispatcher: “What do you mean you ran from a cop?”

    Caller: “I mean he turned his lights on me and got behind me and as he was walking up to my car I did a donut around him and left him.”

    Dispatcher: “OK, you want to now see the officer. Or… What’s your question?”

    Caller: “Like… My question is … I’m assuming he put an APB out that has someone looking for my car… so, like, he definitely got the plate number but I’ve passed like four cops just driving around… Like, what are you guys doing?”

    Dispatcher: “Well, we’re working on many calls, sir.”

He later went on to say, “No cop can catch me in my Hyundai Elantra. That thing is fast.” The best part? They officer did NOT get his number. They were only able to track this kid BECAUSE HE CALLED 911!

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